About Elaine


Obsession, passion, intensity and commitment can best describe my approach to creating a work of art. Elaine Tweedy painting in the arbor I want the final outcome of each and every piece to radiate energy and emotion. "My paint brush is an extension of my eyes." I have a great fondness of flowers but this is not limited to garden and floral paintings. I love to incorporate flora and fauna together with landscapes such as found in natural park settings or wildflowers in an alpine mountain setting. I also enjoy painting intriguing street scenes that capture the history and flavor of urban settings.

In my acrylic works I apply bold rich color and strong brushstrokes to create vibrant images. In the floral watercolors, I use negative shapes, spaces and relationships as my focus, usually working from actual flowers. I particularly enjoy painting ‘en plein-air', be it in my garden, beside a mountain river or high in an alpine meadow.

I have been blessed with natural talent that has been evident in my family for generations. This genetic creativity has been further enriched through art studies with Eileen Raucher Sutton of 'SuttonArt' who has her Bachlor and Master degrees in Fine Art from City University of New York City. Other accomplished artists I have taken workshops from are Carol Nelson (Colorado) Graham Berry (Blackpool England) Jerry Heine, Gisela Felsberg, Willy Wong and Doris Charest. I also studied art through an extension program at the University of Alberta.

My participation in group and solo shows is ongoing. As my works have gained recognition I am pleased to have them featured in a number of fine art galleries in Alberta. It is no less gratifying to know that my works are included in many private, corporate and government collections in Canada and internationally.

I am constantly training my eyes to see better and see more. I continue to broaden my horizons with the use of alternative techniques and mixed media. When painting, I am unaware of the passage of time. I become one with my work. To quote an old master: “I dream of painting and I paint my dreams.” ~ Vincent van Gogh

Artist Statement

"Nature is resplendent in a kaleidoscope of color, so often unseen by a chaotic world too busy to stop and 'look up'. If we fail to take notice of the wonder of our natural environment, I fear there will be less effort put forward to preserve this heritage for future generations. In my works, I try to emphasize bold rich color....To capture the vibrancy that my eyes see when I stroll through a garden, hike along a mountain trail, or look across a field of freshly mowed hay. Through my paintings it is my hope that others will be inspired to stop and 'look up'................Elaine Tweedy

Awards and Honours