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Prices are in Canadian dollars. To consider any applicable exchange rate, you may refer to the Universal Currency Converter web site.

Methods of payment accepted:
Direct Deposit • Pay Pal • Money Order • Certified Cheque, e-transfer

Prices are for framed paintings unless otherwise stated.

Shipping costs (including crating) will be additional to the price of the artwork.

For inquiries regarding acquisition of a painting, please contact the artist.

An invoice will be sent to confirm your order.

On receipt of your payment, the painting will be prepared for shipment and sent to you. Please allow two to four weeks for crating and delivery.

If on receipt of the artwork the purchaser is not satisfied, the artwork may be returned in its original condition within fourteen days for a full refund.

Quality Products Used


Paper: Mould made of 100% cotton; Saunders Waterford is gelatin sized, and neutral pH. Each sheet has two natural deckles and two tear deckles. Saunders Waterford is endorsed by the prestigious Royal Watercolor Society of England.

Pigment: The colours I use are all from the Winsor & Newton Artist range. Winsor & Newton pigments are among the most saturated watercolour paints available.


Support: a support is the material onto which the actual paint is applied. Canvases need to be properly prepared to accept a paint system and to ensure long-term durability. I use Fredrix raw 12 oz. Cotton duck canvas, heavy-duty fir stretcher bar and double primed with Golden acrylic gesso.

Pigment: Golden Artist Colors - heavy body, OPEN and fluid Professional Acrylic paint are used. These highly pigmented acrylics have no fillers and dyes, offering intense color. Excellent light-fast.


Step One: Golden Soft gel gloss is used for a permanent, non-removable isolation coat, applied over the painting and before the varnish. This will help protect the surface if the varnish is removed during conservation.

Step Two: Golden Polymer Varnish with UVLS is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish formulated to provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation. Polymer Varnish is designed as a topcoat for acrylic paints and offers a removable protective surface to the relatively soft acrylic paint layer. Polymer Varnish remains soluble in alkaline solvents, such as ammonia. This means the varnish can be easily removed, without damaging the painting surface. This provides a valuable tool to anyone trying to restore or clean a painting.

A Bit about my framing process:.

Acrylics are framed with a 3” seamless linen liner inside a 2” decorative wood molding. The liner provides visual space around the image, and guides the viewer's eye to the heart of the artwork .

Watercolours are protected with 100% acid and lignin-free mat that acts as a barrier between the artwork and the glass, frame and backing. The frame complements the artwork and also serves as a protective barrier from potential environmental and handling hazards .